Anti Wrinkle Injections

Theresa Wild offers the very best in Botox (Anti-Wrinkle) Injections from The Salisbury Clinic.

If you’re looking to subtly soften those fine lines and signs of premature ageing then botox ® also known as anti-wrinkle injectables could be the solution for your needs.

As we age the production of two important proteins known to us as collagen and elastin which are core components required to keep our skin looking young, supple and tight begin to decline, resulting in unwanted expression lines, reduced firmness and the development of premature ageing, which leaves our skin weaker and thinner. Botox® / Anti-wrinkle injections help combat the unwanted appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and are an effective way of temporarily softening and smoothing the skin, giving the impression of restored youth. When injected Botulinum toxin ((botox®) prevents the release of acetylcholine, which is a chemical messenger released by nerves which attaches to receptors on the muscle cells informing them to contract. In the absence of this key messenger, our muscles are without instructions and therefore paralyzed, resulting in no contraction and reduced wrinkles. Botox injections can rapidly reduce the movement of the muscles in areas of concern and when administered by a competent and experienced professional provide a youthful appearance, as once the muscle has relaxed the overlying skin releases its wrinkle.

All of our botox injectable treatments are performed by Aesthetic Practitioner Theresa Wild who has 8 years experience in permanent makeup and aesthetics.

If you are a new client to Theresa, you will need to attend her botox prescription clinic with our nurse prescriber in Salisbury before the treatment is carried out.


1 area – £150

2 areas – £200

3 areas – £250