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Vitamin B12 Injection

"Warm and welcoming staff greet you on arrival and make you feel extremely relaxed and comfortable before your treatment."

-Charlotte Bryant

Vitamin B12 Injection

If you don’t treat a vitamin B12 deficiency, it can cause neurological problems or pernicious anemia. Pernicious anemia is when your body doesn’t have enough B12 to make the amount of red blood cells it needs.

Vitamin B12 shots are one of the most common and effective ways to prevent or treat a deficiency. The injections are usually given as hydroxocobalamin or cyanocobalamin, and they are very effective in raising blood levels of B12 and restoring a deficiency.

Vitamin B12 injections are an effective way to raise your blood levels if you are deficient in this vitamin.



Vitamin B12 Injections (4 sessions included) £120.00

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Treatment Overview

Procedure Time

15 mins





Full Recovery


Duration of Results

2 weeks

Risks & Complications

Very safe, no major side effects

Your Questions Answered...

Is it painful?

No, it is a simple injection that is over very quickly.

How does it work?

Vitamin B12 is known to help with energy levels, weight loss, and mood, so it's no surprise that people are advocating for B12 injections. Some say that regular injections of Vitamin B12 can help improve these things, so it may be worth looking into for those who are interested in boosting their health in these ways.

How long does it last?

The effects of vitamin B12 injections vary between individuals. Most people feel the effects for about one week.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increases energy levels and concentration 
  • Boosts the immune system 
  • Helps stop certain types of hair loss
  • Helps improve sleep patterns

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