Why Every Beauty Professional Should Be Offering Derma-Needling To Their Clients

Why Every Beauty Professional Should Be Offering Derma-Needling To Their Clients

For many women and men throughout the UK a trip to the local beauty salon no longer means a lunchtime express nail treatment, indulgent spa facial or ‘not be missed’ waxing appointment.

Expectations towards our beauty regimes have significantly changed over the last decade and with the introduction of results driven cosmeceutical skincare ranges dominating the market, our demands as a nation for high performance multi functional procedures which do not require invasive medical intervention, have overtaken the popularity of holistic therapies and grooming essentials.

Derma-Needling also known as Micro Needling, Skin Needling, Intradermabrasion, Dermarollering and Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy is not a new procedure, in fact it’s been around for quite some time, however its ability to address multiple concerns and produce significant skin enhancing benefits remain relatively unpublicised.

Doctors have been incorporating the use of Cosmetic Rollers into their practices for years and have often been astounded by the results documented in clinical case studies, with some comparing outcomes to those seen produced by Laser or Fraxel resurfacing.

However when it comes to the high street salons Derma Needling remains a procedure that is not performed as regularly as it could be, with its prominence on the treatment menu often being out ranked by the latest celebrity endorsed trends.

In summary Derma-Needling is a highly effective and affordable skin rejuvenation treatment. Producing natural results that improve and become more noticeable over time, it’s also suitable for all skin types and a great way to increase salon revenue due to the fact that it’s recommended as an ongoing treatment taking place every 4-6 weeks for maximum impact.

Optimising skin cell function, Derma-Needling also increases the penetration of nutrients and skin enhancing products such as Vitamin A, Retinol, mild acids and Peptides into the dermis, whilst combating the premature signs of ageing and targeting the unwanted appearance of wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, Rosacea, UV damage, scars and stretch marks.

Using a gamma steralised roller that is comprised of between 200-300 micro needles which vary in length and width, the treatment involves causing controlled temporary damage to the skin as a result of the surgical steel, titanium, silver or gold plated needles repeatedly piercing the epidermis in order to induce regeneration. In response to the trauma being caused, the body immediately responds by starting the wound healing process which stimulates collagen and elastin production in the reticular dermis.

The Process

After thoroughly cleansing the skin and application of a customised skin peel to promote exfoliation, the roller is expertly moved across the face, in a series of structured cross over motions, with multiple passes being made. The repeated injury caused to healthy keratinocytes releases growth factors which trigger a process that leads to the increase of hyaluronic acid, formation of collagen and greater absorption of applied cosmeceuticals.

After the treatment temporary erythema (reddening of the skin), inflammation, increased dryness, tightening and superficial bruising may occur, however as the healing process gets underway and new skin cells begin to appear clients will see a visible improvement in skin texture, firmness and even pigmentation, with wrinkles, sun damage and scars also becoming less noticeable over time.

Our Training

At Theresa Wild Aesthetics and Beauty we provide a one day CPD course in Derma-Needling and Skin Peels delivered by DermaSkin Training UK, who specialise in Medi-Aesthetics and advanced skincare education.

If your looking to expand your portfolio of services and would like to offer your customers a multi functional, cost effective cosmetic treatment that has the capacity to; optimise cell function, break down scar tissue, increase collagen and strengthen the dermal/epidermal junction, in addition to addressing their specific concerns such as photo ageing and acne scarring, then this is the training for you.

“I’ve been an advocate of both cosmetic and medical Derma-Needling for years and would highly recommend that all salons offer this treatment if they want to generate a portfolio of loyal and regular clients. When performed by a trained professional the results that can be achieved are simply outstanding”. [Jane Davies, DermaSkin Training]

To find out more about scheduled training dates and course availability, head over to our booking page.