The Evolution of Permanent Makeup

The Evolution of Permanent Makeup

Gone are the days of 80’s clown brows and horrid etched lip liners, these days it’s all about gentle aesthetics!

Many women are terrified of the pain aspect and the actual end results of permanent makeup, which is completely understandable considering some of the horror stories we all hear and see on the television, Internet, magazines and even walking about town.

I approach permanent makeup in a very harmonizing and natural way. I like to deliver results that look very real and very gentle; I firmly believe less is more!

Using the best and most advanced micropigmentation technology in the world and the best quality pigments on today’s market, this enables me to offer a really top quality bespoke service to my clients.

When my client comes in for a consultation with me, I really like to take my time to discuss what results they are looking for; I am able to talk to them about different techniques I have studied from world leading experts in the industry.

I always take my time and explain the whole process from start to finish. I use effective numbing agents and I always draw the design of the permanent makeup first, constantly referring to my client to see if they like the template.

When my client is 100 percent happy, I then go ahead and start to implant the pigment in line with the template. My clients describe this stage as a “slight scratchy / vibrating experience”

On asking my clients about pain scale 1-10 they normally respond by saying a “perhaps a 2 maximum. “

The next stage of the implantation process is described as “No pain” as the anesthetic I use is at that stage fully absorbed into area of the skin that I am treating.

The initial treatment can take up to 3 hours to complete, as I like to take my time with my client and ensure that the pigment is implanted successfully and evenly.

After the treatment my client is then given some aftercare instructions and balm. They are required to return 4-6 weeks for an essential colour boost treatment to ensure longevity of their permanent makeup.