The New ECM Regeneration System for Dermal Biogenesis

Exclusive Formula containing hyaluronic acid and a specific cluster of amino acids.

Due to the generation of new Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) stimulated by the production of new collagen and elastin ²:

It restores the biological functions of the dermis

It restores the naturally youthful look of the skin

Significant decrease in the Facial Volume Loss Score (FVLS) of the nose-cheek folds BIO-REVOLUMETRIC EFFECT1

Significant reduction of Wrinkle Severity Rate Score (WSRS) measured on Crows’ Feet FILLING EFFICACY1

10 days after the 1st treatment session there is a significant IMPROVEMENT IN DEEP SKIN HYDRATION1

10 days after the 1st treatment session there is a significant IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN SURFACE HYDRATION THAT REMAINS EVEN AFTER 6 MONTHS1

Significant reduction in torsiometric parameters after 10 days from the 2nd/3rd session VOLUMIZING EFFECT

Significant reduction in all profilometric parameters ANTI-WRINKLE EFFICACY

Round-Faced Relatively Young People

FACE: inject from the centre to the peripheral area. Then Apply a light massage from the centre to the peripheral area following the route of the interstitial fluids.

NECK: inject in a centrifugal direction, going towards the mandibular angle, and also to the area under the ear and to the posterior margin of sternocleidomastoid muscle.

DECOLLETÈ: inject in a centrifugal direction from the centre towards the shoulders.

Protocol of use

In Case Of Severe Wrinkles & Sagging Skin

Protocol of use



Sunekos - 200 (per session)
Suneko - 1200 - One Treatment