Are you putting a price on your face?

Are you putting a price on your face?

You’ve often heard us emphasising the importance of safety in beauty and the need for clients to take ownership and carry out thorough research before undergoing a permanent makeup treatment.

Whilst many PMUs are extremely professional and adhere stringently to health and safety guidelines and professional protocols that are taught by industry leaders in their PMU training schools, as in any industry there are those who do not following these rules and regulations which damages the reputation of the industry.

At Theresa Wild Permanent Cosmetics, we are inundated with emails and calls on a weekly basis, asking for guidance on post treatment procedures that clients are not happy with. Whilst we can’t give specific advice on individual cases, we do urge anyone who is thinking about having a permanent make up treatment to do their research regarding the experience and training of the salon/technician they intend to book an appointment with.

A thorough consultation, patch test and previous testimonials are only a few of the things to take into consideration. Treatment prices should not be too cheap, remember the saying ‘you get what you pay for’, experience comes with a cost, so don’t be seduced by enticing deals and offers that seems too good to be true – they usually are! Please stop and think, don’t put a price on your face and long term happiness. Permanent Makeup is an investment so treat it like you would any other quality purchase and make sure you are fully satisfied with what is being offered.

This industry is currently unregulated and as such has regrettably become saturated by people who have undertaken courses that have not focused equally on providing sufficient theoretical based knowledge, case studies, assessments and post graduate mentorship versus practical skills, with some offering little or no health and hygiene related advice or studies of diseases, disorders, contraindications and the prevention of blood borne pathogens!

A few points to remember. You should always be “patch tested” because of potential reactions and should always expect to have a comprehensive consultation with your technician. Don’t just ask to see your permanent make up artists portfolio and read online reviews, contact past clients to find out how happy they were with the service, treatment provided and aftercare given. Embrace social media that’s is after all what it’s for and check out training and insurance credentials thoroughly.

It is your face, please be safe!