Exy Permanent Makeup Device


The EXY Fully-Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine has been manufactured in South Korea since 2014, and is still a fully Korean-manufactured machine.

The machine accepts eight  different cartridges including nano cartridges, shaders and flat cartridges.

This beautiful machine has a lightweight high-grade aluminium construction with a matte black finish. It’s capable of running at 9 speeds, from slow speeds for ombre and powder effects to higher speeds for nano and line work, all with a digital speed indicator on the upper portion of the machine. The needle depth is also fully adjustable from zero to 3mm.

Because this is a world-class machine, and is used all through Europe, the power cord that comes with the machine is European.

An adapter is necessary for this to be used in The United Kingdom

Included with the EXY is a cartridge sample kit containing:

1 Liner cartridge, 3 liner cartridge, 4 flat cartridge and 5 slope cartridge

The EXY machine also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The factory will attempt to repair the machine first, and will replace the machine with a brand new one if it cannot be repaired.

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