Permanent Makeup Equipment & Tools Used At The Clinic

We will only ever use the latest hi-tech NPM permanent makeup equipment tools and accessories as recommended by top industry professionals

Our Permanent Makeup Device The ORON 60 by NPM International

At Theresa Wild Permanent Cosmetics we use the most advanced device in the field of Permanent Makeup and Micropigmentation. With its outstanding technology, innovative design, beautiful silver colour and spectacular LED lighting, the NPM ORON 60 will surely attract the eye of the connoisseurs.

The ORON 60 by NPM is manufactured and assembled under strict standards:

orion-60-by-npm-permanent-makeup-machine-e1454055267843ISO 13485 & ISO 9001
MSDS (material safety)
Bio compatibility safety
The NPM ORON 60 is optimised for the use of the NPM series of cartridge needles and its hair follicle simulation HFS roller (PCT Patent No. 61-561,949)

The Hand Piece

The “feather touch” hand piece that comes with our ORON60 is a light and high end engineering device to satisfy our semi permanent makeup experts. It gives that soft and gentle movement to create exquisite, fine lines.

The ORON 60 device was developed to achieve faster results and higher levels of quality in the fields of permanent makeup and hair follicle simulation.

The Needles

All NPM needles are one integral cartridge, meaning the needle and the cover body are one unit, this ensures the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The whole cartridges are disposable and for single use only to meet the sterilization standard for medical treatment.

Furthermore, the needle cartridges are designed to suck the colour and to release it only when the needle is in touch with the skin which reduces spills and keeps the procedure professional and clean. When the motor stops the needle stays inside the cartridge.Permanent Makeup Tattoo Needles Theresa Wild Clinic Salisbury UK Image

We use a selection of different needles, specially designed and shaped to cover different range of treatments, from super-fine hair strokes to bold, shaded lips.

Your safety is our priority

Our single use, NPM safety needle cartridges do not allow the back flow of body fluids and pigments into the device, to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety. All NPM devices, accessories and pigments are manufactured in accordance with the strict quality assurance standards, meet the most stringent international standards and are officially recognised by medical authorities in Europe CE – NPMSAF-18837C.

NPM Permanent Makeup Equipment & Colour Range Catalogues

Please feel free to download the latest NPM equipment and colour range catalogue PDFs below

NPM PMU Equipment Catalogue

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NPM PMU Colour Range Catalogue

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