Laser Tattoo Removal

With over 12 Million people in the UK opting to have tattoo procedures, it is safe to say the tattoo industry is booming!! However, sadly statistics show that one in four of these tattoo procedures end in disaster.

However there is a way of removing these disasters or reducing their saturation by using Laser Tattoo Removal procedures to remove them completely or fade them enough so you can re-cover them.

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Here at Theresa Wild Aesthetics & Beauty are proud to be fully qualified and insured Laser Technicians.

The TSR PRO III (TSR = Tattoo and Spot Remover) leaves NO spot and NO tissue damage after recovery. It is the smallest most easy to work with, safe and reliable laser in this segment worldwide!

TSR Efficiency:

Cover-ups  for a new tattoo or permanent makeuop fading  can be done after 2 – 3 treatments

Full removal of Tattoo will be 4-12 treatments depending on Skin- and ink / pigment type or quality.

Intervals between laser sessions are normally 4-6 weeks

Time between last laser treatment and NEW tattoo or Permanent makeup is 8 weeks at least.


Age pigment (1-2 times)

Dark tattoos (2-8 treatments = 60-90 % reduction of colour)

PMU eyebrows (2-4 treatments).


Bright colors like green, light blue, pink, yellow (max 60 % reduction), or BAD quality tattoo’s

Price List

Removal of PMU Eyebrows = £70 per session
1/2 hour =  £100 per session

In one session we will only be permitted to work on 100- 200 cm2 area (roughly one hour of laser work) this is to ensure the lymphatic and liver system are never put under too much processing as we follow strict guidelines as our clients health is paramount.