Is there a stereotypical PMU client?

Is there a stereotypical PMU client?

Like it or loathe it imagery and perception play a pivotal role in society and for those who want to get ahead of the game, advance their career prospects and enhance their natural features, the art of permanent make up is being seen as the new ‘must have’ beauty treatment for male and female clients alike. Contrary to popular belief there really is no specific type of person who seeks what some define as a ‘life changing service’. Individuals from all walks of life make enquiries to my clinic, with the aim of many being to simply showcase their attributes in style and make life simple, by reducing the amount of time they spend daily on perfecting a flawless application using a vast array of highly priced luxury cosmetics.

Far removed from the reputation it once had as being the ultimate sin of vanity, make-up exhibits enormous powers and is often regarded as one of the biggest confidence boosters an individual can gift to themselves. Whilst times have progressed since the days when women made bold declarations of feminism by pulling out daring lipstick tubes in vibrant hues and seductive shades, glamorous symmetrical eyebrows, contoured lips and alluring eye make-up still remain at the top of many beauty lists, as they continue to be seen as chief assets in the eternal quest to achieving the beautiful ideal.

Instead of stripping away your individuality, natural beauty takes on a new significance with the art of permanent make-up, enhancing emotions, expression and structure, through pigments that are barely discernible, yet irresistibly captivating and effortlessly architectural in design.

Reinstating over zealously plucked eyebrows to icons of distinction, transforming thin top lips once favoured by the Victorians with technological precision into luscious pouts and redesigning eye shapes through the articulate application of bold liner, that draws instant emphasis to the true windows to our soul, makes this is one profession that many are flocking to. In fact it is true to say that once captured by the world of permanent make up, clients become lifelong devotees and with continued advancements made to the services available and new techniques being added on a regular basis to treatment lists, the desire to re-book an additional consultation just grows stronger.

Whilst it would never be appropriate or professional to claim that enhancements created by permanent makeup artistry provide complete solutions to those who desire physical perfection, the application does allow the technician to showcase assets in the most natural and endearing of forms, allowing the mask of heavily applied cosmetics to be lifted like a translucent veil, revealing transcending and flawless beauty.