We are thrilled to welcome 13 industry elite PMU trainers to this year’s UK event, in addition to leading medi-aesthetics, sales and communications experts, all of whom are highly skilled artisans in their specialist fields.

Discover the full conference programme below.

Theresa Wild, Conference Host

Theresa Wild is a highly successful Permanent Makeup Artist, Advanced PMU Trainer, Masterclass Organiser and host of the 2018 UK PMU Conference which is in its third successful year. As the owner of an award winning Aesthetics and Cosmetic Micropigmentation Clinic in Salisbury, Theresa decided to set up the UK PMU Conference back in 2016 to support fellow industry professionals with their continuing professional development and educational needs, after attending numerous events around the world and seeing how beneficial networking and training focused conferences were for fellow salon and clinic owners. Bringing respected international trainers to the UK to share their skills with the next generation of technicians and established Permanent Makeup Artists, Theresa continues to share the importance for safety in beauty and highlight the necessity of adhering to established industry codes of conduct and ongoing development. Theresa is the UK Tattoo Remoov Distributor.

Adi Schendel

Adi Schendel is a pioneer when it comes to the field of permanent makeup and scalp micro pigmentation. Striving for continued perfection, Adi who regularly appears at international shows and exhibitions, is the founder and owner of the prestigious Adi Schendel Academy for Permanent Makeup and Hair Simulation in Israel and the ‘go to’ artist for many celebrities and high profile personalities. His services are highly sought after with many acclaimed industry professionals seeking to enhance their skills by attending his advanced masterclasses, which include the art of microblading, as well as micropigmentation and hair follicle simulation treatments. Adi also travels extensively to demonstrate his techniques at leading PMU Conferences.

Alexsandra Maniuse

Beauty therapist practice since 2008 – Hygienic and Decorative Cosmetology Technician, Health care medical faculty, Vilnius College; University College Birmingham – Salon Management Gained knowledge in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Estonia, Italy Deluxe Brows Manual Permanent Make Up Founder/Trainer Founder of Deluxe Brows Academy in California Licensed as a Permanent Makeup Artist in California and Florida. Level 3 Teacher Training Award President of first Baltic Association of lash and brow artists – LBAB President of non-profitable PMU Consumer Organization, USA Member of “Permanent Make up Society” TIPMCC Recognition Award for Commitment, Dedication and Outstanding Performance The author of training manuals and training certification system that is approved by ABT International, Ireland. Organizer of LBAB Championship. Trained students worldwide in UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines. International speaker in worldwide conferences such as Mexico, Israel, Poland, Brazil, Lithuania, United States

Linda Paradis

Linda Paradis is a world renowned PMU Trainer and Tattoo Removal Specialist. Her skills and expertise have taken her to all corners of the globe, where she has presented her unique ‘Tattoo Remoov’ method to hundreds of industry professionals over the years. A favourite of the French press Linda frequently appears in the media, providing interviews and consultations on tattoo removal and permanent make up correction. With clinics in both France and Morocco, a team of brand distributors around the world and a very busy working schedule, we are thrilled that Linda will be joining the other speakers for the 2018 UK PMU Conference for the third consecutive year running.

Nhung Phan

Nhung Phan began her career as a highly sought after makeup artist, before transitioning into the world of permanent makeup and combining her love for creative artistry with the technical discipline of micropigmentation. With a relentless passion for the industry, Nhung has trained with some of the top masters in the world, perfecting her skills at every opportunity. Her rising popularity and impressive portfolio of work led to her gaining the highly acclaimed status of ‘Sviatoslav Otchenash’ Certified System Trainer. Ms. Phan continues to work throughout Asia and Europe both with her exclusive private clients and as a globally recognised trainer, specialising in the art of ombre eyeliners, stardust lips and magic shading eyebrows.

Andrew Hansford

Andrew Hansford has been in the clinical aesthetic world for many years. Owning his own clinics, travelling the globe to gain experience and education and appearing on television, he teaches various forms of aesthetic medicine, to Doctors and Therapists all over the country. He is very sought after when it comes to education and spends much of his time supporting businesses through digital pod casts, online skype education and the development of one to one treatment protocols for clinics around the world. He is a regular guest at medical shows where he gives lectures on various subjects including; skin physiology, mesotherapy, medical needling and lasers, as well as products and their usage. Andrew has worked with and learnt from some of the industry’s most notable Doctors, to broaden his knowledge and education. He has written many training programs that have achieved full government accreditation in relation to the HEE report. Andrew is the writer and educator for the new Health Care England level 4-7 qualifications in: Radio Frequency, Mesotherapy, medical needling, anatomy and physiology, SMPU, PRP, scalp restoration, core of knowledge and advanced clinical practice. Andrew is also the author of a bestselling book.

Mary Ritcherson

Mary Ritcherson is one of the most respected permanent makeup artists in the USA. Her wealth of knowledge and outstanding work ethic has gained her a renowned reputation as a leader in her field, not to mention a loyal following of satisfied customers over the years. We are honoured to welcome Mary to the UK, to share with us her techniques, skills and pro tips at the 2018 PMU Conference. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Mary has gained international acclaim, not only as a top technician but also as a much loved trainer. Working closely with Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Medical Practitioners from her clinic in Tampa, Florida Mary is a member of the Society of Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Professionals, CPCP certified and holds accreditations in advanced permanent makeup training, Micro Needling and skincare.

Vicky Martin

Vicky Martin is a highly experienced and sought after medical tattoo artist and trainer. As the founder and owner of ‘The Vicky Martin Method VMM™’ she runs 3D areola courses from her studio in Berkshire, UK to those who are passionate about obtaining skills in advanced micropigmentation techniques. With over 17 years industry experience both as a trainer and practitioner, Vicky is often asked to speak at international conferences and seminars to share her knowledge and skills of this in demand procedure, which has the power to literally change lives. As an accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Vicky also incorporates additional modalities into her courses, to address those inevitable feelings of self-doubt and to bring out the very best in every individual she works with. We are delighted to be welcoming Vicky as a speaker to the 2018 UK PMU Conference.

Markus Muller

Markus Muller is the owner of Plasma Academy, based in Germany. Having begun his career in the cosmetics industry in 2003, he has been practicing laser treatments since 2008, has assisted in the consultation and aftercare of patients who have undertaken medical aesthetics treatments since 2010 and developed his own plasma pen device in 2016. The plasma pen ‘planoplas’ began production in 2017 with Markus travelling extensively to promote its benefits and train delegates in this non-surgical technique. Markus will be speaking at the 2018 UK PMU Conference and carrying out a live onsite plasma pen demonstration.