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We proudly present Theresa Wild Permanent Cosmetics in association with Exclusive Aesthetics


A masterclass course in permanent makeup will teach you how to create beautiful eyeliners, hairstroke, ombre and powder effect eyebrows and definition and colour for lips. The course is a balance of theory, demonstrations and practical work on both practice materials and models.

Our trainers and support team are well educated, approachable and are renowned for the genuine care and attention given to our customers.

We hold regular professional development seminars for our trainers and our team have travelled and trained to ensure we develop and teach you the very latest techniques. All of our trainers run their own successful micropigmentation practice so you can feel reassured that they understand how it feels to take the first steps into this industry.


This course is the entry point for individuals who either wish to set up their own cosmetic micropigmentation business or who would like to enhance the treatments offered at a salon or clinic.

You do not need to have any prior experience or a beauty background but must have a steady hand and the will to succeed. The course will take you from complete novice to a fully confident, certified practitioner.


Subject: Beginners Permanent Makeup Course
Dates: Monday 19th June – Thursday 22nd June 2017 
Location: Theresa Wild Aesthetics & Beauty, Upper Floors, 46 Silver Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2NE
Price: £3999 + VAT

Basic kit available inlcuded

Insurance is provided through Salon Gold and covers training, students whilst training and all treatments.

Professional Medical
Precision Plus machine

£4740 inc VAT

Precision Plus Cosmetic

£3000 inc VAT


£2340 inc VAT

Day 1

Safety, Sanitation and Sterilisation
Anatomy & Physiology
Checklist of Equipment & Supplies
Implantation Techniques
Basic Colour Theory
The Importance of Correct Colour
Colour Analysing
Standard Professional Procedures
Pre-Procedure Preparation
Practice on skins

Day 2

Demo Eyebrows and live model practice for Eyebrows

Day 3

Demo and live model Lips

Day 4

Demo and live model eyeliner plus Q&A session


  • General techniques for creating shapes
  • Eyelash enhancement
  • Kohl line
  • Protecting the eye
  • Initial design and preparation
  • Special application techniques
  • Eyeliner colours, aftercare for the client and re touch procedures
  • How to prevent corneal abrasions
  • Stretches and positioning during treatment


  • Definition and techniques
  • Needle selection
  • Design and shape
  • Eyebrow preparation
  • Perfect hairstroke, powder & block brows
  • Stretches and positioning during treatment
  • Aftercare for the client and re touch procedures
  • Colour choices and mixes
  • Needle selection


  • Lip shapes and choices for the client
  • Colour theory for lips
  • How the lip heals
  • Lip outline, lip colour wash and blend techniques
  • Stretches and positioning during treatment
  • Aftercare for lips
  • Creating a stencil to work with
  • Natural looking lips
  • Darker intense colour lips
  • Colour choices and recipes for lips
  • Needle selection


The Masterclass Kit Consumables will give you everything you need to get up and running – needles, pigments, consumables, even marketing material to help you sell the procedures.

Please note: you will need to place a 25% deposit to purchase your machine

  • 20 needle cartridges
  • 10 Precious Pigments
  • 50 lancets
  • 50 aftercare sachets
  • 100 microbrushes
  • 4 x 1oz tubes of aftercare cream
  • 1 pack of disposable drawing sticks
  • 50 pigment pots
  • 10 Celluvisc eye drops
  • 20 disposable aprons
  • 1 stainless steel pigment stand
  • 15 saver pigment pots with lids
  • 1 yellow clinical waste bag
  • 1 sharps container
  • 1 roll of lead covers
  • bottle of Mediscrub
  • 1 practise pad
  • 20 wound care packs
  • 1 tub of Trigene wipes
  • 1 clip on gel
  • 50 face masks
  • 25 Normasol sachets
  • alcohol wipes
  • 1 roll of barrier film
  • 1 box of gloves
  •  1 pack of gauze swabs
  • 25 trifold leaflets
  • 25 each of all paperwork forms