Beauty Tips including how PMU can help you…

Beauty Tips including how PMU can help you…

Most girls have their typical daily makeup and beauty routine; the tried and tested methods and familiar old products that they know and love.

What you might not realize however is that the average woman actually spends a huge 55 minutes every day of her life working on her appearance. This is not to say you should call it quits with your quest for beauty – especially given that most women stated their primary reason for wearing makeup was to make them feel better about themselves – but it does highlight the benefit of finding quicker, cheaper, easier or even simply fun and interesting ways to make the most of your beauty regime.

If you’ve ever suffered the annoyance of eyeliner that constantly crumbles and irritates your eyes, try freezing it for a few minutes before you apply. It makes it sturdier and much easier to simply glide across the eye area.
Cold helps to tighten our pores, meaning that the simple task of rubbing an ice cube on your face each day can sometimes help to ward off unwanted wrinkles and breakouts.

The condition of our skin in general plays a huge part in maintaining good health and looking young and fresh-faced. One of the simplest yet best ways to protect it is to wear plenty of sunscreen, regardless of the weather. It can be easy to overlook the task when the sky is full of rain but 80% of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds, ageing and damaging our skin without us even realising.

If you find yourself without shaving cream, fear not. You can use conditioner just as effectively as not only will it soften the hairs, making them easier to remove with your razor but your skin will be left feeling silky smooth.
For people with a heavy-duty beauty routine, longer term solutions like the permanent makeup in Salisbury can make a great option to save time and money in the long run. Be it brows, eyes or lips, there are many different treatments you can get to cut down on your typical daily undertaking and though Wiltshire is not the only place where semi-permanent makeup is available, it is always important to seek out somewhere reputable and reliable.

A lot of people make the mistake of finding makeup that suits the tone of their skin and simply applying it evenly across their face. Keep in mind that we are 3-dimentional and our faces will catch the light and cast shadows at different angles; you don’t want to make your face look flat. The key to avoiding this is contouring which involves applying your makeup to highlight and accentuate the natural curves of your face, bringing out your cheekbones, reducing shine on your brow and giving warmth to your cheeks.
If, like many people, you suffer from oily skin, the temptation can be to top up your makeup to cover up the unsightly glow. This, however, merely leads to a build-up of several layers of makeup, resulting in a cakey look. Opt instead for blotting papers that help to draw out the oils and retain that matte finish to your skin.

Placing a dab of organic toothpaste on your spots and rinsing your face the next morning is believed to help clear your skin. It draws out impurities without the need for excessive harsh scrubbing.
There you have it, some simple yet effective tips to make your beauty routine that little but easier.