Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Our Diode Laser T26  is a truly versatile Diode Laser machine with the newest FAC multiple power  options with triple wavelength options meaning we can treat all skin types and we can  tailor the system for client requirements.

More Efficient:Collimated light beam, Higher energy density

More ComfortableShorter Pulse Width, Higher Peak Power

More Reliable:IP65 water and dust Proof

Laser power optional: 1000w/1200w/1600w/2000w optional

Spot Size: 1000w/1200w match 12*12mm

1600w/2000w match 12*20mm

T26 is a Diode Laser device that allows quick, safe and effective Laser Hair Removal treatments. Our technology incorporates a TEC cooling system that maintains the hand piece tip cold which minimises pain and protects the skin.